Building Healthy Connections with BrocnBells.com 🥦 by City Nomads & Distrii

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Boost your endorphins and make new connections in an all exclusive bootcamp!

Join us on Thursday, 2 May, as BrocnBells.com’s ambassador, Dr Jesse Timm, kicks off the evening with a short sharing session on holistic wellness and how to incorporate it into our everyday lives. Followed by an intensive 30-minute HIIT Buddy Workout that not only allows you to sweat off those frustrations at work, but also simply have fun while clocking those calorie burns in. End the session off with a cool down while our partner, SuperPop, recharges your body with one of their delicious nutrient-rich, sugar-free energy balls for a rejuvenating finish.

But your route to healthy living doesn’t just end there. With the help of BrocnBells.com, you can now keep in touch with your new found sweatbuddies - so you’ll never have to workout alone again!

Programme Line-up
6.30-7:00pm: Registration
7.10-7.20pm: Sharing session on Holistic Wellness
7.30-8:00pm: HIIT Buddy Workout
8:00-8.30pm: Cool down and Rejuvenate

About Distrii
Distrii Singapore is a prime address at the heart of the city’s Central Business District (CBD). Hailing from Shanghai, Distrii is now the single largest coworking facility in Singapore, spanning 62,000 sq ft across 6 levels where interconnected smart office technology drives work efficiency and productivity within its digital and physical space.

About City Nomads
City Nomads is designed for those curious about the world and people who share an appreciation for the good things in life. We’re on a never ending quest to discover the best urban culture has to offer, often via the less well-trodden and invariably, more exciting paths.

About SuperPop
A yummy nutrient-rich ball bursting with pure natural goodness bestowed by Mother Earth, SuperPop aims to illuminate a healthy diet with glorious nourishment and crave-worthy flavours.

About BrocnBells.com
Short for Broccoli & Dumbbells, BrocnBells.com is a social platform to meet like-minded people over health & fitness – connect over your favorite workout, healthy cafe hangouts and activities near you. Make real life healthy connections. #FINDYOURFIT

Dr. Jesse Timm is an ambassador for social fitness platform BrocnBells.com and a practicing chiropractor. From tackling ultra-marathons throughout South East Asia pain free, he is passionate about staying active and helping others achieve the same.

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Thu May 2, 2019
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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Distrii Singapore
1x Entry Pass SOLD OUT $15.00
Venue Address
9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza Singapore
Broc & Bells

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